{January 8 2013}


AUSA and SPX are the same weekend this year

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    *weak sob*
  2. abstaininggamzee said: Yeah, AUSA really screwed up with their timing next year.
  3. megthebrennan said: DUH SPX
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    Looks like I’m ghosting AUSA.
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    say it ain’t so jack just say it ain’t so
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    Well I’m glad I made it to the very last AUSA, I guess.
  7. incredibeard said: What??? FUCK.
  8. tannoreth said: Oh no poop ausa why are you doing this
  9. cancerously said: I don’t think anyone is going to AUSA now. Its too early, a month after Otakon, and back in their small location. :C
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